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Our program makes storage EZ. We provide you with the boxes you will need to pack up all your belongings. Free of charge. We also have a full line of packing materials for sale at all of our packing stations. This will ensure that your belongings will be safe while they are in storage. The boxes will be available at one of conveniently located packing stations near your dorm during the week of finals. Simply visit the nearest location to pick up all your packing materials.

When you have completed packing, bring them to the packing station and we will label your storage and process the paperwork. We will provide you with an itemized storage contract for your records.

Our pricing:
EZ Dorm Boxes
Storage Box Small (Book Box) $20.00
Storage Box Medium $35.00
Storage Box XL $75.00
Storage Box Large $50.00
Beds (Frame & Mattress tied together) $100.00
Bike $50.00
Chair (Desk) $50.00
Chair (Kitchen) $45.00
Chair (Recliner) $75.00
Desk $75.00
Duffle/cloth Bags (sm) $20.00
Duffle/Cloth Bags (Med) $35.00
Duffle/Cloth Bags (lg) $50.00
Duffle/cloth Bags (xlg) $75.00
Bookcase Large $75.00
bookshelf small $50.00
Dresser $75.00
Duffle Bag $75.00
Extended storage $0.00
File Cabinet (2 Drawer) $50.00
File Cabinet (4 Drawer) must be empty $75.00
Fridge Apartment $75.00
Fridge Dorm $50.00
Futon Set ( frame & mattress ) $100.00
Heavy duty double-wall box $5.00
Ironing Board $20.00
over weight $2.00
Plastic Storage Drawer Sets (Wheels must be removed & placed inside) $50.00
Plastic Storage Tote Sm. $20.00
Plywood $10.00
PosterTube $10.00
Rackraiser $10.00
Rugs ( larger than 6'x9' ) $75.00
Rugs Sm. ( up to 6'x9' ) $50.00
Sofa (2 Cushion) $100.00
Sofa (3 Cushion) $150.00
Suitcase $50.00
Suitecase Lg. $75.00
Table (Kitchen) $75.00
Trunks Sm. $50.00
TV Boxed $50.00
TV No box $75.00
Twin Mattress $75.00
Plastic Storage Tote Lg. $50.00
Plastic Storage Tote Med. $35.00
Trunks Lg. $75.00
EZ Chair $45.00
Insurance, shipping per $100 in value $2.00
Late Fee $25.00
No Charge $0.00
Plastic Bin $25.00
Summer Session Fee $50.00
Insurance, storage per $100 in value $2.00
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