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Don't: Because:
1. Haul packages to a shipping store. 1. We are located outside your dorm.
2. Be stuck waiting for a pick up. 2. Bring them out at your convenience. Two wheelers are available for your use at our packing stations.
3. Overpay for your shipping. 3. Our prices are 20% less than our competitors are.
4. Cram boxes into your car. 4. They probably will not fit.
5. Get caught with expensive packing supplies. 5. Free boxes when you ship them with us. Discount packing supplies located at our packing stations.
6. Deal with excess luggage at airport security. 6. Let us ship it home for you.
1. Register by Ordering Online or call us at 617.889.0540.
2. Packing Materials: Pick up your free boxes at one of our conveniently located packing stations.
3. Pack: Check out our (packing tips) for helpful tips on safely packing your items!
4. When you are ready to ship your boxes, simply return them to our packing station for processing or call to schedule a pick-up.
For those items to big to fit in a box, visit and use our referal code to receive a special rate.
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